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Keep The Bunions Away With The Right Pair Of Shoes

At some point in time, you have probably found a great pair of shoes only to find out later they hurt your feet. At this point, you have to choose between comfort or style. This can be a difficult decision until sandal season starts and you find yourself with a bunion on your big toe. While it is important to most women to look stylish, you need to be able to balance some comfort with it. When you wear the wrong type of shoes, it can distort your foot causing a bunion to appear right at the joint of your big toe. This is not only unattractive, it can be painful as well. Here are 4 ways you can avoid those painful bunions and keep your feet sandal ready year round.

Find the Right Heel

When it comes to choosing the right pair of shoes, you need to take a look at the heel. Stilettos may be fun and make you look tall, but they can be terrible for your feet. If you insist on wearing a high heel shoe, make sure the placement of the heel is directly under your heel. If the heel is too far back, it can cause uneven pressure on your foot. You need a heel that is going to provide full support of your weight so you don't keep shifting on your feet. 

Secure Your Foot

If you want to make sure your foot is secure in your shoe, you need to make sure it is an extension of your foot. The easier it is to get your foot out of the shoe, the more unstable it is. Slip-on shoes can be very deceptive. They may look more comfortable than other types of shoes, but you need to be concerned with how much your foot contorts to keep the shoe on as you walk in it. 

Make Sure it Fits

One of the biggest factors to finding a comfortable pair of shoes is the way they fit. It is important that your shoes fit your feet well. When your shoes are too tight or too big, it can cause your foot to distort when you walk. In return, bunions can form on your toes causing you pain. When you go to purchase a pair of shoes, it is important that you work with the shoe associate to ensure a perfect fit. Even if you feel like the shoes are comfortable at first, make sure you get understand the return policy in case they start to hurt your feet later on. Talk to experts like Atlantic Foot & Ankle Group for more information.