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Could Low Sex Hormones In Men Impact Their Oral Health?

A lot of men would rather avoid the topic of low sex hormones as it can be embarrassing. Whether it is embarrassing or not, men must be willing to admit when the issue is happening to them as it could be impacting their oral health as well. The question is – what exactly does low sex hormones have to do with your mouth?

Hormones Play a Part in Oral Health

When men and women are considered together, men will usually have better oral health. This is despite women taking care of their teeth better than men. It is all linked to hormones. Because women's hormones change regularly, their natural oral health is affected. Men tend to have steady hormones for most of their lives.

Pregnant women and teenage girls are more likely to suffer from gingivitis because the hormonal changes lead to more blood in the body and can lead to gum disease.

So, What Does This Have To Do With Men?

Technically, the same thing can happen to men. While men can't get pregnant, a chance in a man's hormone level can have an impact on the amount of blood in his gums the same way it happens when a woman is pregnant.

Low Testosterone Also Means Decreased Bone Density

Testosterone levels affect bone density. Men who have less testosterone (the sex hormone) in their body are more likely to suffer from lower bone density. This affects the oral health as the jaw bones are not as strong as they should to keep the teeth supported. This also affects the overall health, as you are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis.

Lower blood levels can also affect the gums. They will find it harder to support the teeth and could lead to some recession. The roots of the teeth will be exposed, so tooth decay is more likely to occur.

Less Spit and Saliva

Salvia is needed to help digest food and protect the teeth. Lower levels of testosterone can affect the amount of spit and saliva the body is able to produce. Saliva is used to remove bacteria from the mouth to protect the teeth. It can also be a barrier to prevent plaque and particles getting stuck to the teeth. Without the salvia, you are more likely to suffer from tooth decay.

There are various factors that affect the oral health and your sex hormone level is one of them. If you are suffering from low testosterone, it is important to speak to your doctor, like Rosenzweig Orthodontics, to protect your overall health.