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Undoing Gravity: Reversing Your Elephant Body Appearance With Plastic Surgery

Living on Earth means you are constantly fighting gravity. Gravity holds you to the ground so that you do not go floating into outerspace, but it also pushes down on your flesh, causing it to sink southward. If the aging process did not deny you of muscle and skin tone, it is still likely that gravity would cause the flesh around your torso to sink to your knees in the same way an elephant's body does. To undo this appearance, there are a few cosmetic procedures which can help.

The Breast Lift

Despite the fact that most women seek out breast lift procedures, some men can also get this surgery to help lift their pectorals up. The muscles in the chest wall weaken and the breast tissue droops. The plastic surgeon makes incisions into the muscles of the chest and lifts them up until the breasts or chests are where they need to be to appear more youthful. You can also request breast or chest augmentation as a means to make the lift really stand out.

The Butt Lift

When your butt is drooping so low your pants slide off, it may be the perfect time for a butt lift. For this type of plastic surgery, the surgeon cuts away excess skin and lifts the butt cheeks upward. Some liposuction may also be involved to remove cellulite and smooth your butt's appearance. If your butt is flat after being lifted, your surgeon may also decide to add some bulk back into your booty so that the lift is successful.

The Complete Torso Lift

This procedure is more common after someone has lost a lot of weight. All of the loose skin is removed, and the surgeon cuts around your belly button before lifting the remaining skin up. Then, he cuts a new opening for your belly button, sews the skin in around your belly button, and then sews the remaining flap of skin up, around and under your breasts/chest in order to hide any scar tissue. Some more liposuction may be involved to remove any lopsidedness to your figure.

Other, Less Common Lifts

The knee and thigh lift is one surgery that is not as common. Usually, the patient has some saggy elephant-like skin drooping down from the thighs around the knees. As with any lift, the loose skin is removed and pulled up.

Another lift is the underarm lift, which is more common for women than men, because women do not have as much tricep muscle as men. The fat pads under the upper arm are liposuctioned out and the loose skin cut free. Then, the arm is stitched from elbow to shoulder and the patient is left with far less underarm wiggle than before. Contact a company like Flower Mound Center for Plastic for more information.