How Physical Therapy Helps Treat Depression

If you suffer from depression, then your primary care physician may have referred you to a mental health specialist for cognitive behavioral therapy and possibly prescribed antidepressant medications. While seeking treatment from a mental health professional is highly recommended if you are struggling with depression or anxiety, other treatments, such as physical therapy, may prove beneficial. Here are some ways physical therapy may help alleviate your depression. Neurotransmitter Release Physical therapists often incorporate therapeutic massage into their pain relief treatment plans.

3 Things To Know About Coolsculpting

Have you had recent success in losing weight but are still dissatisfied with your appearance? This can happen to many people after they have lost weight. The problem is that even after you lose weight, stubborn fat cells stay behind. These fat cells cause you to have bulges in certain parts of your body that can make you look larger than you want to be, despite the number of pounds you weigh.

Not Sure You Need It? How To Tell When You Need COVID-19 Testing

If you've been following the current health crisis, you might be confused about testing. Many people aren't sure whether they need to be tested or not. Unfortunately, the confusion about testing can increase your stress levels. It can also put those around you at risk, especially if you happen to be asymptomatic. That means, you're positive for the virus, but you're not showing any symptoms. If you're not sure you need to be tested, read the list provided below.

Why You Should Use A Cold Laser Therapy Device To Help With Hair Regrowth

If you suffer from hair loss, then you might be hoping to do something effective so that you can feel confident about your appearance again. You might have heard of a few different treatment options for hair loss, but one that you might not have heard about is cold laser therapy. However, you can consult with a professional about cold laser therapy, or you can even purchase your own cold laser therapy device.