Headaches? Your Doctor Can Help You More Than You Think

Hemorrhoid Treatments: What You Should Know

When it comes to non-life threatening medical conditions, few are more unpleasant to experience or discuss that hemorrhoids. Most people who are afflicted with these swollen, and possibly even protruding veins in the rectum and anus would prefer to suffer in silence than discuss their discomfort with their friends, family, or even their doctor. However, not speaking to a doctor is most definitely a mistake. You are not alone in your hemorrhoid suffering. In fact, it can happen to anyone. So, rather than suffer needlessly, learn about the various treatment options available to you, and choose the option best suited to you. 

Ointments and Hemorrhoid Creams

One of the most common and well-known options for treating your hemorrhoids is to use ointments and/or hemorrhoid creams.These over-the-counter remedies can help treat your hemorrhoid symptoms, but will not cure you of your condition. 

They are designed to relieve itching and pain that make your daily life all but unbearable. Use these treatment methods to ease your discomfort in the meantime when you are hoping that your hemorrhoids will clear up on their own, or you are waiting to get in to see your doctor.

Hemorrhoid Banding

When you suffer from hemorrhoids that are external (meaning they protrude out of the inner walls of your anus where they first develop, a common medical treatment is what is known as hemorrhoid banding. This treatment is performed by a doctor and involves wrapping sterilized rubber bands around the hemorrhoids. 

The bands are placed to constrict the hemorrhoids and cutting off their blood supply. This prevents them from growing, and also shrinks down the hemorrhoids until they are all but a distant memory. The entire process can take a week or more, but it will effectively remove your hemorrhoids. 

Laser Hemorrhoid Removal

Laser surgeries have long been used in various medical fields to treat a number of ailments. Lasers are essentially concentrated and focused light.

This energy is then used to quickly burn off your hemorrhoids while simultaneously cauterizing (closing) the wound it creates. Laser hemorrhoid removal is a treatment method that allows for faster recovery times and less pain that traditional surgical methods. 

Laser treatments only burn off the ends of your hemorrhoids. Then, because the hemorrhoid is closed off to future blood flow, the hemorrhoids will naturally shrink down.

As you can see, there are several treatment methods available to you to help remedy both your hemorrhoid symptoms and your hemorrhoids in general. All you need to do is select the treatment option that best suits your needs and get started feeling better as soon as possible.