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Prepare For Your Aquatic Therapy With The Right Gear

Aquatic therapy offers a number of different benefits. Improved peripheral circulation, decreased pain sensitivity and muscle relaxation are just a few of them. While often performed in a traditional swimming pool, aquatic therapy is nothing like a leisurely swim. Consequently, you need to prepare for these two activities differently. The better prepared you are for your therapy, the better the outcome.


The first thing you want to consider is the type of swimwear you will wear. Depending on the type of therapy session you are participating in, you might be required to move around quite a bit. You don't want to wear a suit in which you won't be comfortable doing so.

A swimming suit with thin, flimsy straps, a low cleavage line or cut-outs would all not be considered appropriate therapy swimwear. Instead, look for a full coverage, one piece suit that fits firmly. It's also best to avoid suits with zippers as they can easily get caught on some of the gear you use in the water.


You might want to consider adding footwear to your gear list. Aquatic therapy often involves performing many of the exercises you would perform while standing, such as jumping jacks. With barefoot, performing these types of exercises increases your risk of falling. If you're already injured, this can only exacerbate your current condition.

Water shoes are designed for use in water. They have a non-slip bottom that provides you with the grip you need to prevent slipping. Additionally, these shoes are designed to be fast drying, so you don't have to worry about the shoes absorbing water and smelling or promoting bacteria growth.

Swim Towels

Traditional bath towels are great for drying your body off when you just step out of the tub or bath. However, for aquatic therapy, you need something a little more heavy-duty. Swim towels are a solution. Swim towels are generally designed in a microfiber material. This is an ultra-absorbent material that soaks up the excess water from your skin and suit, without soaking the towel.

This quality will help you dry off faster. Additionally, since the towel absorbs and retains the water, you can easily place the towel in your bag with your other items and not be concerned about the towel soaking your belongings.

If you want to get the most out of your therapy, you need to be prepared. Set yourself up for success by ensuring you have all the necessary gear. To learn more about aquatic therapy, visit Advanced Physical Therapy.