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Does Your Child Have Molluscrum Contagiosum? Freeze And Call A Dermotologist

If your child has Molluscum Contagiosum and your pediatrician says it should go away on its own, or they want to freeze and remove the lesions in the office, you should first consider making an appointment with a dermatologist. These are lesions that pop up on the skin, and they can last a few days, a few months or even years.

You first need to make sure that what your child has is Molluscum, since there are many rashes that look similar. But itching will spread the condition and the virus is highly contagious, so it's important to try to get to a dermatologist right away. There isn't a known cure for this virus, but there are some treatment options that you can explore. Here are a few things to ask the dermatologist.

Will Removing the Lesions Help?

Freezing the lesions can be very painful and cause scarring. If your child has new ones popping up and there are dozens that are developing quickly, freezing a few of them isn't worth the time. You don't want to scar your child when they could possibly have the virus for a long time anyways.

There is also an ointment that can be placed on the lesions that will cause them to peel off, called Cantharidin. This is also used for warts, and your dermatologist can tell you if they think it will be practical for your child's case.

Finding a Solution

The dermatologist is a skin expert, and they can help you avoid skin irritation triggers that may cause new lesions. They can also provide treatment to reduce swelling, redness, itching or irritation. It's important to work on boosting your child's immunity to help fight the virus that is causing the Molluscum, and to protect the skin in every way possible.

Are there Homeopathic Options?

The dermatologist may have different homeopathic options they want you to consider, like coconut oil, iodine or tea tree oil. Some people have even claimed to use apple cider vinegar. You'll want to ask the dermatologist what oils are safe before trying anything and what suggestions they have to try at home.

With the help of your pediatrician and dermatologist together, the child can hopefully overcome the virus and have clear skin again. Before letting someone freeze or cut something off your child's skin, see a dermatologist, such as those at Advanced Dermatology Care, and get their expert perspective on your child's condition and follow their treatment recommendations.