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General Practice Doctor Or Pedatrician For Your Infant? Choose Wisely

If you are getting ready to have your first child and you haven't decided if you want to find a general practice doctor or a pediatric office for their primary care, consider a pediatric office. There are a variety of reasons why a pediatrician is best for your needs.

You want to make sure that your child has the best care possible as they grow, and also that any complications are caught early. Here are a few things to consider when choosing between a pediatrician and a general practice doctor.


The pediatrician didn't just go to school to study medicine, but specifically the treatment and care of infants, children and teens. The family doctor has studied all ages generally and is knowledgeable in a variety of areas, but a pediatrician has targeted the illnesses, diseases, development and health of specifically children. They have the most training to diagnose your child's needs.


When you walk into a family practice doctor's office with a screaming baby and there are several adults looking at you, it can make you feel uncomfortable or out of place. At a pediatrician's office, you know there are going to be parents in the waiting room that have a young child and understand, or that have been in your position before. The office is decorated for young children, and often has activities for kids as well.

Pediatric Concerns

If you have pediatric concerns that a general practice doctor isn't familiar with since their patients could be a mixture of people up to the age of senior citizens, the doctor may have to send you to a pediatrician. Your pediatrician has resources within their office, and connections with other pediatric specialists, to address your concerns right away. The pediatrician you see can easily consult with other pediatric experts in their office who may have special knowledge of your child's concerns.

If you aren't sure which pediatric or general practice office is going to be for you, take the time to tour different offices and the examination rooms, and to meet with the doctors. You may find that you like some of them right after meeting them, that you like the office or location, or that a specific practice isn't going to be right for you. Location is also incredibly important, because you don't want to travel or commute through a lot of traffic when you have a child that is sick or dealing with health problems.

Visit a pediatrician's website to continue reading more about how a pediatrician can help you.