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Four Holiday Habits That Are Terrible For Your Back

Then holiday season should be a time when you enjoy the comforts of home, family and friends – not a time you spend fighting off unbearable back pain. Unfortunately, a lot of common habits during the holiday season can lead to back pain. Here's a look at those bad habits, and how you can avoid them.

Bad Habit #1: Carrying lots of heavy shopping bags.

That heavy load of shopping bags you sling over your shoulder can pull your back out of alignment quite easily. Instead of carrying a ton of bags at once, make several trips to your car with light loads. When you get home, do the same – or enlist a family member to help you bring your purchases inside so each of you only has to carry a few bags. When you do carry bags, carry about the same weight on each side rather than carrying all of the bags with one arm. This distributes the weight more evenly across your back.

Bad Habit #2: Spending hours standing in heels at cocktail parties and other gatherings.

Heels don't just hurt your feet. They put strain on your back, too! If you know a party will involve lots of standing, opt for a comfortable pair of flats. You might want to buy a cute holiday pair at the start of the season so you can show them off all season long and not feel self-conscious about not wearing heels.

Bad Habit #3: Wrapping presents on the floor.

Slouching around on the floor encourages poor posture, which might lead to the beginnings of back problems or make existing pain worse. Instead, wrap your presents at the table while sitting comfortably in a chair with a tall back. Get up often during gift wrapping. A little walking around will keep your muscles loose, which will help keep you maintain better posture.

Bad Habit #4: Not dealing with stress appropriately.

The holiday season can certainly be a stressful time. Many people carry that stress in their necks and backs. If you don't do anything to relieve that tension, it can pull your spine out of alignment, leading to more long-term issues. Adopt a de-stressing routine, whether it be taking a long shower, doing some yoga, or sipping wine while watching your favorite television show, and make sure you fit it into your schedule throughout the holiday season so your stress levels are kept at bay.

If you are prone to back pain throughout the holidays, make sure you visit a chiropractor, like Rockwood Chiropractic, regularly. He or she will treat problems as they arise, so they don't develop into bigger issues over time.