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Bumps On The Head: Pilar Cyst Removal

When you are cautious about your health, feeling any lump or bump can trigger a little concern. If you happen upon a large lump on the head, you may be inclined to panic. Is it a tumor? Are you dying? First, you should calm down. These lumps may well be a benign growth known as a pilar cyst, an unsightly but easily treated condition. To find out for certain, you need to seek the help of a dermatologist

Pilar Cysts

Pilar cysts are smooth bumps located right below the skin's surface. Almost all of them occur on the scalp, although up to 10% can appear elsewhere on the body. These bumps are little sacs filled with skin cells and keratin, triggered by certain cells going deeper into your skin than usual. What results is a usually painless growth that has a white,mushy interior. 


Pilar cysts are usually symptom-free and, as such, often can be ignored. However, if certain symptoms develop, you can have your doctor remove the cysts. On occasion, they can rupture, meaning the bad-smelling contents will spill out, and you could develop an infection. Sometimes they are tender and itch, causing you discomfort. Also, these cysts can grow to rather large sizes, making them difficult to disguise. 


If one of these cysts becomes infected, a simple course of antibiotics will probably clear it up. If they are simply a cosmetic issue, you can have them removed. Because these cysts are located so close beneath the skin, the procedure is generally quick and easy. The doctor will use a local anesthetic and make a shallow cut. At times, the cyst will simply pop out whole with its sac and contents intact. At others, the cyst will be emptied and then the sac extracted. Unfortunately, some people will see a recurrence of the growth or be prone to developing multiple cysts. As troublesome as this condition may seem, the pilar cysts are almost always benign. 

Experts say that exercise may help you prevent the development of these cysts. Also, taking care of your hair and scalp can help. There is no method that guarantees these cysts will not develop, unfortunately. 

Large lumps and bumps on your body may cause you concern. However, a moveable lump on your scalp is probably just a cyst full of skin and hair cells. You can easily have it removed if you find the growth a bother. Check with your dermatologist about your options.