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Does Your Parent Have Problems Getting Up And Down? A Lift Chair Will Put You At Ease

Does your aging parent have difficulties getting in and out of their recliners or sofas at home, and you worry that they are going to get stuck or hurt? If so, you'll want to consider getting them a lift chair for the house. Lift chairs are remote control chairs that they can use to make getting up and down easy whenever they want, and they also serve as comfortable recliners and lounge chairs. Here are a few reasons you want to look into getting this type of chair for their home to make life easier.

Ergonomic Design

If your parent is often complaining out back, hip, and leg pain, get an ergonomic lift chair that will help them feel more comfortable while they lounge. The chair will be designed to take pressure off the areas where they have a lot of pain, and it will make them more comfortable if they spend a lot of time in the chair. Get chairs with foot rests, reclining backs, and more. Some chairs have massage options to help relieve aches and pains while your parent sits and watches television or enjoys quiet time.

Less Strain Getting Out

The lift chair will extend upwards and tilt forward to help your parent get up out of the chair, and they can keep it up so it's easy to sit and the move the chair down. This reduces the chances of them getting stuck in the chair because they don't have the strength to lift themselves up, and the down movement prevents them from trying to land into the chair and falling on the floor. Minimizing injuries at your elderly parent's age is important for quality of life. They can save their energy for other things around the home other than getting up and down.

Talk with your parent's physician to see if there is a specific chair design that would be the best for their physical health, or to see if you can get a prescription for the chair. If you can get a prescription for the chair, insurance may be willing to pay for a portion of it since the chair is needed for your parent's medical care. There are a lot of different fabrics and colors your parent can choose from if they are worried about the chair matching their current furniture pieces or décor, but their safety is more important than the look of the chair.