Headaches? Your Doctor Can Help You More Than You Think

Been Sick For 2 Weeks But Too Cheap To Go To The Doctor? Try A Walk In Clinic

If you have been ill for more than two weeks and your symptoms aren't getting any better, it's time to see a medical professional. If you aren't sure if you have caught a virus, if you have influenza, or if there are other complications, you want to get diagnoses. You want to make sure that you aren't putting yourself at the risk of serious health complications and that you can get treatment if it's available. Here are some of the things that you want to do right away.

Find a Walk In Clinic

Don't have a regular physician? That is fine, you can go to a walk in clinic and be seen by a medical professional. Ask for a mask when you enter since you don't know what you have or what anyone else in the waiting room may have. This is a fast and affordable way to get treatment if it's needed, and the clinic will let you know if you need a different type of care for the condition you have.

Take Any Medication Prescribed

There are people that don't like prescription medications, but if the physician is putting you on an antibiotic to treat an infection in your body, you need to get the prescription filled and take it even if it is expensive. You don't want a sinus infection to drain into your throat and cause pneumonia, and you don't want strep throat to lead to a heart complication because you didn't want to pay for the antibiotic.

Get a Work Note

Whatever condition you have, you want to get a note for your employer. You don't want to risk spreading what you have to others, and you don't want to risk getting in trouble for all of the days you have taken off. The note from the physician will let your employer know when the medical expert recommends you go back to work.

Getting an answer for your illness and treatment is more affordable in the long run than missing a lot of time from work because you are too sick to get the treatment that you need. There are a lot of clinics that you can go to that have a low wait time, that can get you seen quickly by a medical professional, and that can get you treated at a low cost. Stop the suffering and get answers for your problems right away.

For more information, contact local professionals like those found at MED7 Urgent Care Center.