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3 Things To Know About Coolsculpting

Have you had recent success in losing weight but are still dissatisfied with your appearance? This can happen to many people after they have lost weight. The problem is that even after you lose weight, stubborn fat cells stay behind. These fat cells cause you to have bulges in certain parts of your body that can make you look larger than you want to be, despite the number of pounds you weigh. One effective way to get rid of these fat cells is a procedure called CoolSculpting.

If you want to better understand this procedure, here are three things to know about CoolSculpting.

1. Know Who Can Get the CoolSculpting Procedure

The CoolSculpting procedure is not recommended for those who are obese or who need to lose a lot of weight. Only people who have already lost weight, but who still have stubborn fat on certain parts of their body should get the CoolSculpting procedure. Those who get the procedure should already be within 30 pounds of their ideal weight.

2. Know How CoolSculpting Works

Eligible candidates that want a nonsurgical body contouring procedure that is FDA approved may want to try CoolScultping. This alternative to liposuction works especially well on the following body parts:

  • Chin and neck
  • Flanks or "love handles"
  • Arms
  • Stomach
  • Thighs
  • Breasts

During the CoolSculpting procedure, rolls of fat are placed onto rounded paddles. While the panels freeze the fat cells, it causes a cooling sensation that eventually leads to numbness. While there may be mild discomfort, some people who get the CoolSculpting procedure find it relaxing. The procedure takes about an hour and results can be seen in about a month.

3. Know How Much the CoolSculpting Procedure Costs

The average price for one CoolSculpting treatment is about $1,481. The cost largely depends on what area of the body is receiving the treatment. If it is a larger body area, such as the stomach, it may cost around $1,500. The estimated cost to treat the upper arm is about $650. This price doubles if both arms need to be treated.

In some cases, more than one treatment may be necessary. The number of treatments depends upon how many fat cells need to be removed. Other factors that affect the cost include location and the provider. Since CoolSculpting is considered cosmetic, insurance does not cover the procedure. If you can't pay the entire amount, the provider may be able to set up a payment plan.

To learn more about the CoolSculpting procedure, reach out to a local medical health professional.