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Learn About Nutritionists

A nutritionist is someone who helps people with their diet by providing them with guidance and information that can help them to achieve health-related goals or other types of goals that can be helped by eating a certain way. If you haven't worked with a nutritionist before, then this article can be a lot of help when it comes to learning more about them and the ways they help people. 

What information will a nutritionist need?

When someone goes to a nutritionist, they want to bring a list of food-related issues they are having, a complete list of food restrictions they have, and information on health and medications they take. 

What types of things do people often see a nutritionist for?

Weight loss — A nutritionist can help educate people on how they can come up with a diet plan that will help them to lose weight. Each person's plan may differ depending on things like the number of calories they should be eating to lose, food restrictions they may have, their food preferences, health conditions they have, and more. 

Weight gain — Some people have a hard time keeping weight on. A nutritionist can help people who have a difficult time gaining weight to learn how to eat in a way that can help. Some people struggle for years to gain weight thinking if they just eat a lot of food, they will eventually gain, but there are certain foods that they want to consume to gain. 

Working around food intolerances — There are a lot of different types of food intolerances and eating foods that don't agree with someone can affect them in many ways. From stomach issues to mood swings and even serious physical reactions felt in many parts of the body, intolerances can be hard to work around. This is especially true for those who have an intolerance to common food groups, such as gluten or dairy. A nutritionist can help someone learn how to find a lot of foods they can eat and help them come up with an entire plan they can refer to. 

Heartburn — Some people get heartburn once in a while, they take antacids and they're fine. However, there are other people who really struggle with serious heartburn frequently and eating can be a real challenge for them. A nutritionist can help them learn more about the foods they should cut out, the foods they should eat more of, and other things they can do to get relief. 

What resources can a nutritionist give someone?

Each nutritionist will have their own way of helping. However, some will help with the creation of a complete food plan and some can give out helpful printouts, workbooks, or other paper resources with information that covers the person's issues. A nutritionist may also provide someone with websites that cover the things they need help with.

If you have more questions, start by reaching out to a local nutritionist.