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Prescription Scar Topical Gel Might Be The Solution For Eliminating Or Reducing Your Scar

If you have a scar on your body that embarrasses you that hasn't faded over time, talk to your doctor about your options. The type and location of the scar might matter when it comes to treatment, but one option that might be a good solution is prescription scar topical gel. Here are some things to know about using topical gels to minimize your scars.

Prescription Gels Work Better

You can buy scar treatments over the counter, but you might not get very good results. If you have a scar from a burn, cut, or other trauma, you may need prescription-strength medication that you take under medical supervision. Plus, there are different types of prescription scar topical gel products, and your doctor can choose the right one to help the type of scar you have so you get the best results.

Give The Gel Time To Work

Another important thing to know about using a topical scar treatment is that you need to give the product enough time to show results. Even prescription topical gels need time. It could take a few months to notice an improvement in the appearance of your scar as long as you keep applying it as directed and don't give up too soon. Also, fresh scars might heal quicker than older scars that you've had a long time. That's why you may want to seek treatment for a scar while it's still fresh.

Understand The Types Of Scar Gels

Some scar gels contain antioxidants that help scars heal or anti-inflammatory drugs that reduce swelling and make the scar less noticeable. Others lock in moisture so the scar area plumps up. Some scar gels target hyperpigmentation so dark skin becomes a lighter color.

Scar gel isn't appropriate for every scar, but it can be effective for many types of scars. Your doctor can choose the best time to prescribe the scar treatment for the best results since some should be applied on fresh scars that are healing while others are better for scars that are older.

Follow Usage Directions Carefully

Your doctor will tell you how to use the scar gel and how often to apply it. It's important to use the product as often as recommended and not more or less often. Your doctor may have additional instructions too, such as wearing a bandage when the gel is applied. By following your doctor's orders and using the most appropriate prescription scar topical gel, you'll have the best chance at clearing or minimizing the appearance of your scar.

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