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How To Prepare For A Sleep Study At A Sleep Clinic

Do you have plans for a sleep study in the near future? While a sleep study is nobody's idea of a walk in the park, it's true that these studies are essential for ensuring your health and safety. Understanding what to expect can help you prepare for your sleep study.

Every sleep study is different, but you can prepare yourself for a sleep study by taking a few helpful steps. These are a few things you need to know before your study.

Pack Your Bag

Your bag for your sleep study should contain a few things that will help your night go smoothly. So, you should bring toiletries, glasses, contact lens solution, slippers, and comfortable sleeping clothes. You might want to bring a book, a jacket, and a comfortable pillow. You can bring clothes to change into after your sleep study as well.

Eat a Meal First

You'll want to eat before your sleep study. Meals are not typically served, and you may even want to bring a snack to ensure that you are completely comfortable during your stay. If your doctor wants you to avoid any specific foods ahead of time, they will let you know.

You should certainly avoid eating foods that might make sleep more difficult for you. For instance, you may want to avoid acidic foods, like tomatoes, which can cause heartburn. You may also want to stay away from eating a meal that is too filling, as it may not settle well by the time you are trying to rest.

Avoid Napping

You need to get several hours of sleep at night, and it can be difficult to do this if you napped during the day. You can get the most out of your sleep study by making sure that you do not nap. In fact, you may want to have an active day to ensure that you are tired when it is time for the study.

Avoid Caffeine Late in the Day

Next, make sure that you are not drinking too much caffeine late in the day. Caffeine in coffee, tea, soda, and even chocolate can keep you awake during the study.

Set Up Your Sleep Study Today

A sleep clinic can help you prepare for your study. If you have additional questions about how to pack your bag or what you should bring, contact your clinic to make sure that you have everything you need to get ready.

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