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3 Ideas for Your Business's Virtual Wellness Classes

It's an understatement to say that Covid-19 has greatly changed workplace dynamics. According to a Boston Consulting Group survey, about 40 percent of U.S. workers switched from in-office work to remote work. While some employees have moved back to the office or a hybrid schedule, some workers are sticking to at-home work. While there are many benefits of at-home work, this schedule can make team-building efforts more challenging. Thankfully, through virtual means—like video meetings—employees can still develop strong connections. If you are looking for ways to boost your business's team-building efforts, you may want to look into virtual wellness sessions. Here are three ideas to consider.

Virtual Exercise Sessions

Forbes says that exercise classes are a great way for workers to form meaningful relationships outside of formal settings. Exercise classes can help improve employees' heart health, stress levels, and productivity.

Your employees don't have to have a lot of gym equipment to enjoy a virtual exercise session. For instance, your business could host a virtual Zumba class after work, and employees would only need comfortable clothes and gym shoes to participate. If your business has a lot of stressful projects, then virtual yoga sessions could be beneficial.

Virtual Wellness Check-ins

It's a good idea to get a read on your employees before committing to virtual exercise classes. Some employees may not like to be seen on camera exercising and may prefer virtual wellness check-ins instead. During fitness check-ins, your employees can discuss their own goals and get feedback. These virtual check-ins could include things like:

  • A Google sheet to post recipes for healthy eating
  • An at-home happy hour, where attendees enjoy favorite beverages
  • Get-to-know-you segments where workers share stories, teach a class, or share a favorite hobby

During check-in sessions, you could provide company-wide wellness challenges and reward workers with fun prizes, like ergonomic equipment for their home office. Virtual challenges could include goals such as drinking more water, getting outside more often, taking a certain number of steps each day, etc. You could set up a spreadsheet to help people track their progress, and employees could divide up into teams to motivate one another.

Art Therapy Get-Togethers

Virtual art therapy sessions are a relaxing, creative way for workers to connect with one another. You could hire a professional instructor to lead a webinar, or you could create your own art therapy sessions by sharing a digital whiteboard for everyone to doodle on. You could send coloring books or craft kits to your employees' homes and then everyone can work on them together while they visit through Zoom. Like fitness challenges, you could also create art challenges where people take photos and other workers vote on their favorite image.

Reach out to a health and medical provider such as Twello for more information on virtual corporate wellness classes.